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Established in 2018

Elevator Parts Manufacturing Industry.

Founded in 2018, we are a prominent player in the elevator parts manufacturing industry. Supplying high-quality parts and components, we have, over the years, gained a reputation for excellence in innovation and precision engineering. Central to this has been our sustained use of cutting-edge technology and a team of dedicated experts. Our products thus consistently meet stringent quality standards and contribute to elevators being reliable and safe across sectors and uses, be they in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, within or outside the country. With demand for vertical transport continuing to grow, Wingstair Elevators Pvt. Ltd. endeavour to stay at the top, delivering top-notch elevator parts that keep the world's vertical movement both safe and efficient.



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Our Vision

"To shape the future of Elevator Industry by producing parts that fuel reliability and progress. We see ourselves as instrumental contributors to the construction of smarter, more connected cities around the world."


Our Mission

"To set new industry standards in elevator parts and its manufacturing, and maintain the same as part of its brand elevation exercise leading to heighten expectations in terms of performance, design, and sustainability."

Our Principles

Quality Excellence

At Elevator Parts, we prioritize quality and go above industry requirements. Quality manufacturing guarantees dependability, durability, and performance .


We promote originality and forward-thinking in our processes and products. By remaining ahead of technology, we provide innovative elevator parts.


We realize vertical movement quality and safety depend on our parts. Our design and manufacture prioritize reliability for passenger and equipment safety.

Integrity and Ethics

We ensure extreme integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. We prioritize honesty and justice in our dealings with customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders.


To ensure that our elevator remains cutting-edge and responsive to the needs of our clientele, we embrace change and modify it as necessary.

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